Agile and Scrum Training
Hotel Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Keep in mind - this conference has ended!

Dear All,

We are glad to announce our upcoming 1 day training program on Introduction to Agile and scrum in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur on | 24th Sep 2012|.

Globally, Agile has been main stream for the last few years owing to its reputation for speed, quality and cost advantages. Organizations adopt Agile because it delivers business value more quickly, improves overall efficiency and quality, and enhances group morale.

Why should we consider Agile & Scrum framework?

Do you want to better manage your projects?

Do you want to increase customer satisfaction and enjoy benefits of better customer engagement?

Are you looking for a way to align IT department with the rest of business?

Are you tired of "well organized" projects that seldom deliver?

Does your teams lack framework that would allow it to reach its potential?

Would you like to reduce your time to market?

Interested in learning more? Check out available Introduction Agile and scrum courses for your Organization.

In this Agile Fundamentals 1-day workshop,

you'll learn not just the principles of Agile, but gain a core understanding of the thinking behind the terms. Participants will come away with a solid grasp of the values, principles, and practices that have led Agile Software Development to be seen as the next, more successful, generation of software development practices and methodologies. Attendees will also have an option to discuss their burning questions at the Open House session.

For more information about the Course: www.bestscrumtraining.com

I would also appreciate if you could forward this mail internally to your friends & colleagues who would be interested in attending this course.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks & Best Regards.

Brenda Jones.

Business Development Manager.

Contact: (305)290-3747

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