Best Practices in Community Engagement
University of Sydney,
For more information or to request a brochure please contact Ark Group, Sydney, Australia
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Best Practices in Community Engagement.

Strategic initiatives for effective engagement across the community.

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19-20 June 2012

Sebel Surry Hills, Sydney.

Organisations in both the public and private sectors have a

responsibility to consult and engage with the community on issues that.

affect them.

An effective engagement program has the potential to

improve an organisation's reputation, gain community support on key

issues, develop ongoing partnerships with community groups and

facilitate decision-making to benefit both the organisation and the

community. If, however, an organisation fails to engage with the

community, or does so poorly, it risks obstructions and protest from.

key interest groups, negative media coverage and community.

dissatisfaction and backlash.

A successful community engagement initiative is increasingly recognised.

as a vital part of an organisation's media and communications policy.

The rise of social media allows for organisations to consult and engage.

with the community in new ways, supplementing traditional face-to-face.

engagement activities.

To reap the benefits of successful community engagement, a targeted,

evidence-based strategy is needed. At this one-day forum, delegates.

will learn from experienced community engagement professionals.

presenting real world case studies, giving delegates the practical.

skills and understanding to develop effective community engagement.

initiatives within their own organisation. Delegates will learn about:

  • Developing A Strategic And Targeted Community Engagement Plan
  • Utilising Social Media Tools To Inform, Consult And Collaborate With

the community.

  • Managing Expectations And Dissent On Controversial Issues
  • Evaluating The Success And Quantifying The Value Of An Engagement


For more information or to request a brochure please contact Ark Group.

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